Department of Product Design

Department of Product Design

The Department of Product Design is committed to enhancing the competitiveness of enterprise products globally through design. It cultivates talents to serve the R&D and design of Harmony, Fuxing, Beijing-Zhangjiakou Olympic High-speed Rail, etc.

The department has presided over seven national critical R&D plans, seven sub-projects of the National Science and Technology Support Plan, and more than 30 provincial and ministerial projects, serving the transportation and the "Belt and Road" national strategy.

The department has made significant contributions to equipment research and development in the western region. It interacts closely with Chengfei, Xinzhu, Civil Aviation, etc., in the Sichuan-Chongqing area and effectively improves the quality of enterprise design with design services and talents.


                           Trail Transit Industrial Design                                                            Human Factors Engineering

The main directions of the department are rail transit equipment design, interactive experience and service design, future travel mode exploration and design, intangible cultural heritage and creative design, and health product and system innovation.

Vice Chair: Dong Shiyu

Secretary: Zhang Jing